18 - A journey through history in the hills of Susegana

Walk through the castles of San Salvatore and Collalto

Difficulty : T
Walking time : 3h
Distance : km 13
Altitude difference : m 300

Starting point :
Susegana, church of the Annunziata

Starting point coordinates :
45°50'59.65"N 12°14'42.12"E

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The path


From the Church of the Annunziata in the center of Susegana take “Sottocroda” way that crosses large areas of pasture where the typical houses of this zone dominate. After the locality of “Casa Schiavon”, you reach the hamlet of “Collalto”, where you can visit the homonymous castle and the “San Giorgio” church. Leaving the village, continue on “Collalto” road and, after long stretches of trees and passages between vast prairies, you reach the Castle of San Salvatore finishing the ring again in the small town of Susegana.


In 1110 the Count of Treviso, looking for new outlets outside the city, chose the hamlet of “Collalto” for his castle. Ensedisius I constituted, with the “San Salvatore” castle in the village of Susegana, a great defensive complex consisting of two separate counties. The bombardment of the World War I caused the destruction of many elements of the castle of “Collalto”, of which only the ancient tower and some portions of walls remain visible today. The construction of the castle of San Salvatore began in 1323 by Rambaldo VIII Collalto and ended with the successor Schenella V. It has a double wall and it extends in an area of 32.000 square meters. Over the centuries it is progressively embellished and enlarged and it was almost entirely destroyed as a result of the “Caporetto” defeat, losing many important artworks. The fortress of Susegana has always been the home of the Collalto family, whose origins date back to the Longobard period.

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Further information on the Trail and on the network of itineraries are available in italian language in the book by De Bastiani Editore and in the Tabacco maps entitled "Alla scoperta delle Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene"

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