13 - A naturalistic area born from the work of the Benedictine monks

Among the closed fields of the Palù

Difficulty : T
Walking time : 2h 45'
Distance : km 10,2
Altitude difference : m 43

Starting point :
Sernaglia della Battaglia, recreational area of the Musil

Starting point coordinates :
45°52'49.3536"N 12°7'11.1864"E

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The path


From the “Musil” recreation area in the village of Sernaglia della Battaglia, you walk on a dirt road along trail n. 008, meeting the first closed fields. After crossing the bridge over the “Dolsa” stream, you enter in open countryside where the view opens onto “Monte Cesen” and the Prosecco Hills. Continue on “Cal Fiorentina” n. 007 and then deviate south along the “Alpini” way that runs alongside the “Raboso” stream, then at the “Pont de Febo” you return to the countryside on trial marker n. 007B. A loop variant will allow us to visit the centre of Moriago where the ancient romanesque “Da Camino” tower is located, before returning to the starting point of the tour via path n. 009A.


  • A few hundred meters from the start you find the small town of “Sernaglia della Battaglia” where is located the church of “Santa Maria Assunta”, dating back to 1520 and the church of “San Rocco” dated 1632. Strategically located on the Piave line during the World War I, Sernaglia suffered heavy bombardments that caused the complete destruction of the town and to remember this sad chapter the nickname “della Battaglia” was added to Sernaglia starting from 1924. The phenomenon of emigration had a strong impact on the economic and social life of the country, so much so that in the 1950s the traditional feast of St. Valentine, patron saint of the country, was established to greet fellow citizens leaving for distant destinations. During this event wonderful allegorical floats parade through the streets of the city and it is interesting to note that in the first edition the then mayor Giocondo Pillonetto had a boat left by the German troops set up, transforming it into a corsair ship. 
  • The “Palù” extend over an area of 700 hectares between the municipalities of Sernaglia, Moriago, Vidor and Farra di Soligo in the heart of the Quartier del Piave. It is located in a depression interposed between the Prealps and Montello and this has led to the swamping of the plain over time. Hence the origin of the toponym “Palù”. This area was already frequented in the Bronze Age, while in Roman times there were the first hydraulic interventions, however the real reclamation works began in the 13th century thanks to the Benedictine monks of the nearby abbey of Santa Bona in Vidor, so that the marshes became flourishing plots of lawn bordered by tall trees, hedges and ditches. This gave rise to the term “closed field”. The abundant presence of water with a constant temperature allowed forage harvesting throughout the year. The ditches, equipped with specific barriers, also guaranteed fishing for trout and eels while the border hedges, in addition to protecting the canals from erosion, provided enough timber. This agronomic system called “Valbone” is still today one of the best examples of northern Italy, comparable with similar French “bocages”.

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Further information on the Trail and on the network of itineraries are available in italian language in the book by De Bastiani Editore and in the Tabacco maps entitled "Alla scoperta delle Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene"

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