15 - A walk through the fractions of Pieve di Soligo

The ancient dirt roads

Difficulty : T
Walking time : 1h
Distance : km 3,2
Altitude difference : m 30

Starting point :
Pieve di Soligo, Ponte del Contenzioso

Starting point coordinates :
45°54'0.04"N 12°10'28.46"E

Arrival point :
Pieve di Soligo, Ponte degli Artiglieri

Arrival point coordinates :
45°55'3.47"N 12°9'20.03"E

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The path


From the location named Ponte del Contenzioso,in the city centre, the trail called “Via dei Troi” begins, which enters in the fraction of “Borgo Stolfi” passing alongside the ancient canal. Follow the pedestrian path that crosses the footbridge over the “Soligo” river to reach the “Donor” Park and the “Soligo” Park. After covering a part of “Aldo Moro” street, take the path that will cross stretches of wood and scenic passages until you reach the hamlet of Solighetto where there is the ancient mallet called “Pradella”. After passing the main road, you go around the “Soligo” winery and then complete the itinerary at the Ponte degli Artiglieri.


Among the prominent personalities in the city of Pieve di Soligo, Andrea Zanzotto (1921-2011) was a famous poet. <<He was a percussive artist but not noisy. His metronome was perhaps the heartbeat>>, wrote the writer Eugenio Montale in a 1960s review, testifying to a direct, impenetrable language, sometimes difficult to understand, but never arrogant and at the same time warm and passionate, a poet capable of adopting intricate Latinisms, how much to pass to the simplicity of the Venetian dialect. Every corner in the city of Pieve di Soligo remembers its great writer who was born here in 1921: the paternal house in “Cal Santa”, the countryside, the water, the hills, are the centre of inspiration for countless verses where the landscape is the prevailing theme. Zanzotto considers the zone of “Piave District” a true work of art, for him the “Soligo” river flows in a “very gentle valley”, he is so in love with his land that the profound changes caused by economic development will be a source of reflection for many of his poems. Considered by critics as one of the most significant poets of the twentieth century, Andrea Zanzotto remains today the poet of the hills in the city of Pieve di Soligo.

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Further information on the Trail and on the network of itineraries are available in italian language in the book by De Bastiani Editore and in the Tabacco maps entitled "Alla scoperta delle Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene"

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