04 - Spectacular scenery among the elegant hills of Valdobbiadene

Cartizze's Golden Pentagon

Difficulty : E
Walking time : 4h
Distance : km 12,7
Altitude difference : m 428

Starting point :
San Pietro di Barbozza, parish church

Starting point coordinates :
45°54'1.3716"N 12°1'7.23"E

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The path


From the parish church in the village of San Pietro di Barbozza, follow “Via Cima” to the capital of Santa Eurosia where you turn left and then descend on the “Strada Piander” that leads to the Tormena stream. Go up on the opposite side to continue along the Bastie hills walking on “Strada Mont”. You deviate downhill through the vineyards, entering in the Cartizze area, then you reach the Teva stream after meeting the “Colesèl” viewpoint. Through a steep cemented road you go up to “Montagnon hill”, at this point descend into “via Molere” first to reach the village of Follo, then to the town of San Pietro di Barbozza for the same outward route.


In the square of the village Follo there is a sundial. It was built in honor of abbot Giovanni Follador (1785 – 1863) who was born in a house overlooking the square. He was a distinguished professor of mathematics, physics and astronomy at the Seminary of Padua and is remembered in the village for having built in 1867 the oratory dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta (the bell tower was built instead at the beginning of the twentieth century). Inside there is an altarpiece of the Assumption dating back to the thirties, a work of the painter Bonato. Also in the square, at the beginning of “Via Chiodere and Molere”, in a recess of the external wall of “Casa dei Berti”, there is a fresco dedicated to the Assumption into heaven. At its side, above a low-cut brick arch, you can see a stone mask of the “Barba Zucon”, the protagonist of ancient popular peasant novels.

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Further information on the Trail and on the network of itineraries are available in italian language in the book by De Bastiani Editore and in the Tabacco maps entitled "Alla scoperta delle Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene"

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