06 - Walking between the Teva stream and the hilly amphitheatre of Vidor

From the sacred to Prosecco

Difficulty : E
Walking time : 1h 45'
Distance : km 5,9
Altitude difference : m 147

Starting point :
Vidor, parrocchiale Santo Nome di Maria

Starting point coordinates :
45°51'39.91"N 12°2'23.82"E

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The path


The itinerary largely coincides with the historical-naturalistic walk “From the sacred to Pro…secco”. From the parish church of Vidor, follow “Via Piave”, then turn right at the “Casa degli Alpini” and climb the small pass between the abbey hill and “Col Marcon”. Descend on the hairpin bends that lead to “Boschete” along the banks of the Teva stream, then walk to Borgo Stati Uniti and, continuing along the river, you will reach the ancient church: “Madonna delle Grazie”. The return takes place on the edge of the ridge of the hilly amphitheater of Vidor, meeting the “Mont de la Polenta”, the “Col Carpenón” and the “Colle del Castello” where the ossuary monument dedicated to the fallen of the world wars stands.


The Abbey of “Santa Bona” was built between 1106 and 1110 thanks to donations from the “Da Vidor” family. It was managed by the Benedictine monks of Pomposa in a particularly strategic site where for centuries a boat passage worked to cross the Piave, as there was still no bridge. In subsequent periods, the abbey went through a slow decline until it was suppressed by the Serenissima in 1773. Later, the property passed to private families up to the present day with the “da Sacco” family. The chapel contains the relics of “Santa Bona” and a fresco of San Cristoforo, patron saint of ferrymen. Before the remains of the Saint finally rested in the abbey church, they seem to have stopped for some time in a small church outside the walls of Treviso, near the present Fra ‘Giocondo gate. The surrounding population, who came to venerate her, wanted to give her name to a group of houses: that village is still called Santa Bona di Treviso today.

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Further information on the Trail and on the network of itineraries are available in italian language in the book by De Bastiani Editore and in the Tabacco maps entitled "Alla scoperta delle Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene"

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